Entry Fees Increased at Bada Bagh Royal Cenotaphs, Jaisalmer


Now the visitors of Bada Bagh Royal Cenotaphs, Jaisalmer will have to pay the hiked fees to enter this beautiful oasis.

Effective from December05, 2011 the new entrance fees and the other charges are mentioned below.

For Foreigners

Particulars                  Previous                                    New 

Entry Fee                         Rs.50/-                                       Rs.100/-

Still Camera                    Rs.20/-                                       Rs.100/-

Video Camera               Rs.50/-                                       Rs.150/-

For Indians:-

Old Entry Fee – Rs.20/-

New Entry Fee – Rs.50/-

3 km from Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a fruitful oasis in the charming backdrop of a pretty rain fed lake and a man made dam in the middle of the plateau. In the murky dusk, this is a popular place to watch the setting sun turn Jaisalmer into a beautiful golden brown land. Situated off the Ramgarh Road, the park is accessible all the day for the tourists and travelers.


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