Rajasthan Pavilion Jaipur will remain open till January15, 2012!


Now don’t frown if you’ve missed the RAJASTHAN PAVILION, which received overwhelming response all through the three days of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, 2012.

After receiving overwhelm response all through the three days of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, the Rajasthan pavilion will remain open till January 15. The pavilion is located in the premises of Birla Auditorium and has gathered huge applauds by the locals as well as NRI’s folks.

The Pandal has been kept open for the public. The Pavilion described the culture and tradition of Rajasthan very creatively. It has been given a traditional touch and looks like a grand haveli.  The pavilion is the replica of the modern Rajasthan which has emerged into a high-tech state in the past few years.

The stall is the blend of tradition and modernity while entering inside one can see the traditional old charm of Rajatahn reflecting in the display. While the right side  of the pavilion depicts the modern Rajasthan. It clearly shows the high-tech solar energy, infrastructure and the developed Rajasthan. In short the stall depicts the transition of Rajasthan and its journey from traditional to modernity. That age old charm too was clearly seen in it. Rajasthan’s power tourism, heritage and infrastructure stature was clearly depicted artistically. 

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This beautiful mélange of old and new high-tech Rajasthan is not to give a miss!


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