Adrenalin Rush: Xplorearth Brings Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer!


The adventure seekers will have a reason to flock to Rajasthan. Guess what! An awe inspiring holiday to an exotic land of Rajasthan clubbed with a training program for sand driving is up on the calendar this year. 

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Imagine yourself amidst the whirlpool of soft sand rising in spirals with the wind whistling over them, an illusion of caparisoned camels swaying past in distance and the hot sun shimmering on the heaving sea of sands!

Xplorearth, the expert for overland expedition and off road motorsport organizer for adventure enthusiasts is all set for a roller-coaster ride in all-terrain power vehicles through the sand dunes of Jaisalmer!!! The ‘Sam Dunes Driving Experience-2012’ by Xplorearth, scheduled from January19 to 22, 2012 at the desert region of Jaisalmer is aimed at being a fun filled family outing to an exotic land of Rajasthan and at the same time being a training program for sand driving, extrication and navigation.

Mr. Sanjay Sankhla popular among the gang as (Gattu) is the main organizer; Vijay Parmar (TT) is assisting him, after being the ‘Desert Expert’ for the Nat Geo ‘Xtreme Trail’ reality show that was recently televised. Both are key organizers and founder members of the Raid de Himalaya -India’s flagship motor sport event and the highest rally in the world.

As you embark on the adventurous and pumping Dune trip, you’ll be transported to a completely new world of stark and desolate landscape full of breathtaking sand dunes that challenge you at every level.

The charges for the trip are Rs 30,000/- for two persons which cover the following: Accommodation for the nights of the 19th, 20th and 21st January 2012, with all meals included in a luxury tented accommodation located just 2 kms from the nearest dune! Also included is the musical evening out on the dunes with a barbecue served at location. Basic training will be provided about how to handle sand driving, GPS navigation and do’s and don’ts to stay out of trouble in the desert. Hand held radios for communications on the dunes will be provided courtesy the organizers. This Dune Bashing program is restricted to 15 tents at the maximum.

You need to carry a 4X4 SUV with the following basics:

1. GPS (if possible) navigation tasks will be easily learnt with this aid.

2. Tow strap (Nylon with D shackles)

3. 12v pump to fill air in tyres.

4.Tyrepressure gauge (essential)

5. Cooler box (Coleman) for storing cold beer, water etc.

6. Sunscreen and dark glasses.

7. Camp stools.

8. A whistle.

9. Large Golf umbrellas for surviving bright sunlight.

10. A jacket

Thrill is when the rovers line up, and take off at top speed across the desert hills. Buckle up your seat belts and get ready for a heady ride in the Sam Dunes!  Nevertheless, take pleasure of living in luxury tents in the middle of the desert, delicious local cuisine, & soothing folk melodies. Mark your own cresting & dipping in pristine sand dunes with 4X4 SUV machines. Xplorearth vamp you to the most adrenalin fueled event in the endless dunes of Jaisalmer!

Pristine Sand Dunes + Your 4×4 vehicle and a bunch of mad drivers = Wholesome Fun

Goose Bumps?? Save them for the Real Action 🙂


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