Say No to Corruption with Anna Hajare Kites in Jaipur!


The Pink City’s skyline is all set to be dotted with images of Anna Hazare with kites bearing his pictures being a hit with lovers of the paper wonders ahead of the Makarsankranti festival.

Kite markets in the city are a riot of color with kites of all shapes and sizes adorning the bylanes.

“Normally, enthusiastic kite-lovers purchase fancy kites which have multiple designs or pictures of film stars. This year, we are observing, that many people are buying fancy kites just because they have Anna’s picture on them. Kite manufacturers have also prepared kites bearing Anna’s image in large numbers as the Gandhian has been in the news for the last few months.

To mark the occasion, the Department of Tourism will be organizing a kite festival at Jalmahal tomorrow. The festival will be held from 12 to 3 PM with exhibition of kites, demonstration of fancy kites, kite flying competition and cultural performances by folk artistes.

Fancy kite flying will be a special attraction, wherein 100 kites will be flown by one string as well as one inch kites will also be there.The Kalbelia dance will be followed by professional kite competition.

Later, the tourists will fly kites which will be followed by distribution of prizes and cultural programme.


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