Register your Railways’ Complain/Suggestion via SMS


Good news about our Indian Railways. Now the travelers  will feel much happy and also feel free to travel more in trains. Here is the news!!

You can now register your complaint/ suggestion regarding railways just via an SMS. The complain could be about bad condition of trains, Poor sanitation in toilets of station, waiting rooms or the trains, or it may be some safety issue.  All you need to do is “Type in your message box < IRCOMP>  leave space and then <your suggestion/complaint> and send it to 57886

Many times while traveling by train we are put to unexpected inconvenience, we react by cursing and criticizing. No other response. Of course once we reach our destination we just forget.

There is no use in cursing the darkness around you, do light a candle however small it be, it gives an inspiration and ten more candles will be lit . The process continues reducing the darkness..

Please pass on this message to your friends and it may help some other traveler in need including you .


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