Karauli Cattle Fair, Rajasthan


The land of Rajasthan has been conquered by the human with a lot of assistance of our domesticated friends. The camels, buffaloes, horses and cattle have played a major role in the survival of the Rajasthani community. The importance of these animals is still visible through the cattle fairs that are organized throughout the state.

In the beautiful town of Karauli, one animal fair and two religious fairs are held every year. The religious fairs are held in March-April and Sept-Oct at the temple of Kaila Devi Ji. The Karauli Cattle Fair is a grand affair.

The Karauli Cattle Fair is held in the month of February every year for a week which coincides with the festival of Maha Shivratri. This year the cattle festival is scheduled to be held from February07, 2012 for a week.

This fair is one of the oldest cattle fairs of Rajasthan where every year thousands of animals like camel, buffalo, donkeys, etc. are brought for sale/purchase. Here one can see the trading of animals, the animal owners camping, shops selling colorful and attractive items for use and decoration of the animals. 

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Then the animal fair gets converted in a commodity fair where spices, handicraft items and all kind of household goods are traded.

Even this part of the fair is no less interesting.

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