Relive Tagore’s vision at the Art Installation Show Today


True to the spirit of Rabindranath Tagore’s multi-faceted personality, an art installation show comprising stone, paint, photographic paper, recycled materials, live and recorded sounds and music encompassing the bard of Bengal’s vision is being organized in Jaipur today to celebrate his 150th birth anniversary.

Though diverse in the medium of expression, there is a common thread that weaves the 14 artists representing six countries includingIndia, showcasing Tagore’s life journey through his 1896 poem ‘Sindhupare.’

The mixed-media art exhibition, Tagore Art Installation Project, is conceptualized by Udaipur-based theatre company ‘Out of Cocoon’ under the direction of Jarka Heller (UK) and Anne Visboel (Denmark) and after traveling fromUdaipurtoJodhpur, it is organized atDiggiPalacehere on March02, 2012 before heading to Kolkata.

This large-scale installation, both outdoor and indoor, transforms the venue into a magical dreamscape of Tagore’s vision. The show is artistically rich and an ambitious mixed-media version with contributions from international sculptors, composers and artists. The effort is to touch and communicate ‘Sindhupare’ through all the five senses, maybe even the mystical sixth sense, according to the artists.

We all hope that he would have been proud of these efforts to bring his work to a wider audience here in Rajasthan and through the international artists also in the West.


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