National Theatre Festival in Jodhpur


The Sun City is going to witness a four-day National Theatre Festival starting from March 27, 2012. The event is being organized by the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy.

The fest will be a confluence of the theatre and drama fraternity from across the nation. Dramatists, stage artistes, playwrights, directors and critics and anyone associated with theatre in some way or the other will be participating in the event which will be inaugurated on the World Theatre Day on March 27 and will culminate on March 30 on the Rajasthan Day.

This is the first festival devoted solely to theatre. Several well-known personalities will share their views and perspectives on the postmodern era of theatre. Chairperson of the academy Arjun Dev Charan said a leading theatre artist from Manipur and former vice-chairman of the academy Ratan Thiyam will be the chief guest. The event will see four seminars on different dimensions of theatre and three plays will be staged.

The last day of the fest will have cultural programmes by folk artistes to mark the Rajasthan Day.

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