Best Wishes on Rajasthan Diwas, 2012


Bare deserts yet vibrant streets with lively and welcoming people saying “Padharo Mhare Des.” Rajasthan, a state that actually lives up to the saying “Atithi Devo Bhava.”  The Colorful festivals and regal history with magnanimous palaces and monuments telling the tales of our glorious past. 

This is my Rajasthan!!!

Sixty two years ago, on 30th March 1949, took place the grand unification of the erstwhile princely states of Rajputana giving birth to Rajasthan state in the Union of India. Since then, 30th March is celebrated as Rajasthan Diwas every year. Today, Rajasthan celebrates its 62nd Foundation day with much fanfare and galore.

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Best wishes from Rajasthan Tourism Buzz to all Rajasthanis and people visiting this vibrant state of nature, culture and heritage on 62nd Rajasthan Diwas 🙂


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