Kite Festival in Jaipur


Jaipur’s clear blue sky became a colorful canvas recently when kite flyers from across the world got together for the Kite Festival that marked the beginning of the Rajasthan Day celebrations from March27 to April02, 2012. Attention grabbing kites in varied size and forms dotted the azure blue sky at the Rambagh Polo Ground.


Showcasing their expertise, kite-flying enthusiasts came all the way from countries like Malaysia,Thailand,Turkey, among others. As spectators cheered them on, the kite flyers struggled with strong winds and braved extreme heat to put up a great show. “For Indians it’s more of a cultural stuff, but in Thailand, it’s solely a recreational activity. I was amazed to hear that kites are flown inIndiato celebrate the harvest festival,” said Brahmwan, a kite flyer from Thailand.

Spectators were also enthralled by a number of folk song and dance performances that were organized at the do. Beats of terah-taali resonated as Rajasthani folk artists took the centre stage soon after the fest was formally inaugurated. “It’s for the first time that a kite-flying festival on such a scale had been organized during the Rajasthan Day Celebrations.


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