Hotel Tariffs likely to Hike in Jaipur by 13 Percent


It has now become history that the tourism season in Jaipur is only for October to March. As a result of fluctuating weather and other economical aspects, the hotel industry is rendering the different statistics.

A survey of “Hotel Price Index” presents a new statistics, according to which, the average tariff of the hotels of Jaipur and other destinations like Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Mysore and Manali has been increased by 19 percent in year 2011 as compared to the year 2010.

The statistics tell that the tourism season in Pink City- Jaipur continues round the year. The survey of “Hotel Price Index” says that the domestic and foreign tourists now visit Jaipur round the year because Jaipur is one vertex of Golden Triangle of Indian tourism and one of the major attractions in Jaipur, Jantar-Mantar is now declared as the World Heritage Site. This is the reason that the hotel rooms in Jaipur are fully booked round the year.

Hence, the “off season discounts” are less popular among the hotels of Jaipur. On the contrary, now the tariff of hotels in Jaipur increased by 13 percent in comparison of last year. The same pattern is also observed in the hotels of other popular destinations of India.



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