Eid-ul-Fitr in Rajasthan


Rajasthan, a colorful state of multiple religions, friendly people and many festivals one after another, celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr with great enthusiasm and fervor. This years Eid-ul-Fitr would be celebrated on August20, 2012.

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan. ‘Fitr’ means to break and it signifies the breaking of the fasting period and of all evil habits. It is a show of joy at attaining spiritual prosperity after a month of fasting. The holy month of Ramadan which culminates into the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr unites all Muslims in fasting, feasting, worship and prayer. It is a time for contemplation, spirituality, peace and brotherhood.

Muslims celebrate ‘Eid ul Fitr on the first day of Shawwal -the tenth month of the Islamic calendar, following the month of Ramadan (in which the revelation started and ended 20+ years later, and which is also the month of fasting). Following a Lunar calendar, Muslims mark the beginning of the month with the sighting of the new crescent.

A special dish called “sheer khorma” which is also called “Seviyan Kheer” and biryani is prepared and served to the guests on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Muslims attend a special community prayer in the morning and visit friends & relatives to exchange greetings of “Eid mubarak” – “a blessed Eid” joyfully.


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