Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2012 (RIFF)


Started in 2007, the Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) brings together more than 300 Musicians and performing artists from across Rajasthan and around the world to celebrate their musical heritage and create new sounds through innovative collaborations, for five days in October each year.

Timed to coincide with the brightest full moon of the year in north India, Sharad Poornima, Jodhpur RIFF features a series of spectacular concerts and events based in and around Mehrangarh Fort – voted “Asia’s Best Fortress” by Times Magazine.

The festival takes place from 26th – 30th October 2012 and the online booking for passes is open .

Jodhpur RIFF includes performances by master musicians from local Rajasthan communities, sensational headline acts showcased each night on the Main Stage, and global dance grooves that will keep the party going late into the night at Club Mehran. Interactive daytime sessions for visitors, school children and families are planned to stage against the backdrop of Fort.

Please find the Programme Schedule for the five days’ folklore:-

26th October

Opening Night Variety City Concert

27th, 28th and 29th October

In Residence – a series of interactive sessions with our custodians of culture

Fort Festivities

27th October

Day breaks with Bhanwari Devi & Patashi Devi

Dusk Devotions with the Meghwal of Marwar

Living Legends – I

Main Stage Performances

Club Mehran Performances

28th October

Dawn fakiri with Kartik Das Baul

Dusk Devotions with Gulabnath Jogi

Living Legends – II

Main Stage Performances

Desert Lounge (all acoustic, traditional – from Rajasthan)

29th October

Scottish dawn with Kaela Rowan

Children’s Folk Morning

Main Stage Performances

Club Mehran –RIFF Rustle with Scottish, Sri Lankan, Rajasthani and surprise guest artists (RIFF Roots on 29th October (TBC) – will be announced by 15th September)

30th October

Closing Dawn Concert Sahaja Kabir, suno bhai sadho by Prahlad Tipaniya and Party

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice. However, we’ll keep you updated with the new developments or changes in the programme.

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  1. The folk arts & music traditions of rajasthan.Nort India kept alive by local entertainers such as the Dholis,Langas,Mirasis & Manganniyars.The folk musician are act in clasical tradition.Songs normally began with an aalap,witch set the tune of the song and then recital of the couplet is called the dooba.The songs also have the taanthe pitch and the tibias-the triplet,which lends variance of the tune.

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