Tunnel between Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort opened!


An eighteenth century tunnel connecting Amber Palace and Jaigarh Fort, two major attractions in Rajasthan’s capital city, was inaugurated bi Tourism Minister Bina kak and Princess Diya Kumari on Sunday and thrown open for tourists.  The path along the tunnel has been made motor-able. To facilitate the tourists to reach Jaigarh, battery operated golf carts will be operated.

Photo Courtesy Bina Kak

The tunnel was believed to have been constructed as a defence mechanism. In case of an attack on Amber Palace, the royal family, noblemen and others could be evacuated undetected from the palace to the fort which was well defended by the army. This 325 metre-long tunnel was discovered during excavation a year ago.

The tunnel would give a royal feel of the era while going through the tunnel and it would be an adventurous  trip for the tourists, this season!!


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