Marwar Festival, Jodhpur


The blue city of Jodhpur would come alive in October on 28th and 29th with the art and culture of Rajasthan being showcased in all its glory. The imposing Mehrangarh Fort transforms into one big stage where cultural performances and music and dance are the order of the day. This is festive time and the performances take on a romantic and ethereal hue as it is full moon on those days. Marwar Festival displays the art and culture of Jodhpur city and is fully dedicated to songs and dance of the Marwar region. Besides the song and dances that are the hallmarks of the Marwar Festival, the audience is regaled with Rajasthani folklore that keeps the myths and beliefs of yester years alive. Competitions and activities like horse riding and polo complete the scintillating event.

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The Marwar Festival is not only celebrated in Jodhpur but is also celebrated with great enthusiasm at Mandore, located just 8 kilometers at the outskirts of Jodhpur. Mandore is a place of great historical significance and was traditionally the capital of Marwar. Mandore’s most important feature is the Hall of Heroes, where sixteen huge figures carved out of a single rock depicting popular Hindu and folk deities stand in bright colors and are very well organized.

Pack your bags and head to Rajasthan for the bewitching celebrations and festivals.


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