“Museum at Night” in City Palace Jaipur


Deep down many of us suspect that when the public have gone home, and the doors are locked, the exhibits in a museum all secretly come to life. And now for the first time in Jaipur, many hundreds of people visiting Jaipur City Palace will have the chance to put that theory to the test.

Jaipur City Palace

City Palace, the central attraction of Jaipur that showcases some of the rare personal collection of the Maharajahs of Jaipur, from his robe and weapons to antiques and the royal horse driven coaches will now be opened for the visitors during night hours.

The City Palace Museum which often shuts down at 05.00 pm will now also be opened for the evening schedule at 7.00 pm for the tourists. Under the name of “Museum at Night” this initiative has a lot to entertain the tourists in Jaipur.  The tourists would be able to enjoy the live music along with dance performances while having their dinner in the museum premises itself.

The Museum at night would be decorated in royal style with the help of ambient lighting. Apart from that, it would host western, fusion and Rajasthani folk performances, and cultural events to attract the foreign tourists in Jaipur.

Starting from the next tourism season in 2013, it would be an event of 2 hours with a separate ticket for evening visit. Since the Museum at night would be a complete package, it would also include dinner for the tourists.

Get ready for an incredible experience and feel, what the Royals of Rajasthan felt, and what actually, royalty is all about.



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