Udaipur to have its first Double-Decker tourist bus


The beautiful roads of Udaipur will soon witness a new attraction, both for tourists and locals, in the form of an open-roof, fully equipped Double-Decker Bus service ‘Udaipur Darshan’.

As the name suggests, Udaipur-Darshan will be touring around all the top tourist spots in the city. Exploring Udaipur from sitting in a cozy, open roof of Double Decker bus will surely give a varied experience.

Besides its comfortable face-to-face seating arrangements, the air-conditioned bus also has all basic facilities including a television screen, mobile phone charger, a small pantry, large size glass windows for a better view of outside etc.

The bus is not officially launched yet, so the fare and route map are still to be known. But, if sources to be believed, there would be two rounds per day and the bus will be covering more than 12 tourists spots. Also, the charges are expected to be around Rs. 500-600 per head.

Double-Decker Buses are quite common in various places, especially in Mumbai where double-decker buses are used as a local transportation and in Jaipur there are many similar services for tourists. The boosting tourism sector of Udaipur will certainly revolutionize with this new concept.

Udaipur-Darshan looks as an attractive giant-on-wheel promising to serve the great hospitality, Mewar is always known for.



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