Diwali in Jaipur …. a local version of “The Strip” area in Las Vegas


Jaipur celebrates Diwali in its own fashion with great enthusiasm and folklore. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is culturally vibrant city and Diwali puts more color to its culture. The enthusiasm with which Jaipur celebrates Diwali – the festival of lights – has to be seen to be believed. Probably because Jaipur is primarily a trader’s city, and on Diwali, the goddess of honour is none other than that of wealth – Laxmi.

Some tourists just happen to be lucky. Others come on purpose, enticed by Flickr albums and Lonely Planets. Whatever their reason for visit, each year more and more foreigners celebrate Diwali in Jaipur. Jaipur’s is renowned globally and people from far off lands come to witness this colorful extravaganza of lights and happiness. During Diwali, a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors floods the decorated streets. Evil spirits tormenting mankind are banished away in ingenious ways, such as fireworks.

All the streets, shops and buildings are bathed in the magnificence of colorful lights and decorations. Crackers, dazzling lights, decorated shops and houses, streets and roads and people of Jaipur in traditional Indian dresses can be seen everywhere on Diwali. The whole Pink City dazzles and looks like a bride with makeup of lights, frills and colors during the festivities of Diwali.

Johri Bazar means Jewelry market is the main market for shopping on Diwali. Johari Bazar Vyapar mandal (Traders association of Johari Bazar) decorate this market especially for Diwali festival. In fact, the ‘Johari Bazaar’ here is affectionately called ‘The Strip’, when Diwali comes up. This is so, because like ‘The Strip’ of Las Vegas, this place also dazzles onlookers with its spectacular decorations. In fact, it’s not just about ‘Johari Bazaar’. All the markets in Jaipur are famous for their Diwali decorations and every year, the most well decorated market gets a prize. The time is also perfect for souvenir shopping and you can take your pick from amongst almost 2000 kinds of earthen lamps in the shape of animals, birds, and deities.

The heart leaps with joy and festivities reach a crescendo whenever it’s Diwali time. After all, this is perhaps the most gala festival celebrated almost throughout the country.  So if you want to experience a local version of ‘The Strip’ area of Las Vegas, then you must visit the Pink City during Diwali!!


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