Pushkar Fair begins from Nov 18 – 27, 2012


The most awaited Pushkar Fair is going to begin from 18th November up till 27th November,2012, also known as Pushkar Camel Fair and Pushkar Cattle Fair is a major event in the travel calendar of Rajasthan and is popular among tourists coming to Rajasthan from all over the World.

Religion, culture and fun, all are witnessed here in abundance. Pushkar is the home of Brahma, Creator of all Creation. Pushkar has the only Brahma temple of the world and is a holy pilgrimage place for Hindus. The Pushkar Fair is held in the month of Kartik, when pilgrims gather here for a dip in the lake to wash away their sins.

Spread over nine days, this fair is the largest of its kind in the world and attracts lakhs of people from both India and abroad. The golden sand comes alive with Rajasthan traditions, a burst of colors and sounds of revelry. The Pushkar Fair is associated with cattle. It is the world’s largest camel fair and other cattle is also bought and sold in large numbers. Camels are a Rajasthani’s pride.



Tourist Attractions during the Pushkar Fair

  • The Holy Dips (Snan)
  • Floating Lamps (Deep Dan)
  • Cattle Trading
  • Temples & Ghats
  • Camel races
  • Music, folk dances and cultural events


The folklores, music, ballads and dance performances at Pushkar showcase the colorful culture of Rajasthan which heightens the joy and excitement of this fair. The bards and the poets enchant the audiences with the tales of gallantry. Cultural shows, exhibitions and movies add to the fun at the Fair.

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan

Date: November 18 – 27, 2012


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