Ajmer-Ahmedabad Special trains to run from November 26, 2012


The Indian railways have started a new weekly holiday special train between Ajmer and Ahmedabad in view of the vacation rush. This train would start its first journey from November 26, 2012 and carry the passengers til December 26, 2012.

The North Western Railway official has confirmed that the Ajmer-Ahmedabad Holiday special train is scheduled to depart from Ajmer from November 26 to December 24 on Mondays at 09.20am with an arrival time of 07.00pm at Ahmedabad. It would return from Ahmedabad on Wednesdays at 06.05 in the morning from November 28 to December 26 and would reach Ajmer at 03.55pm.

This train would at Byawar, Marwar Junction, Phalna, Sirohi Road, Abu Road, Palanpur, Siddhpur, Uunjha, Mehsana, and Sabarmati Stations.

Apart from the Ajmer-Ahmedabad Holiday Special,  Agra-Jaipur Shatabdi Express and Bikaner-Delhi Sarai Rohilla would run from November 28 and December01, respectively.


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  1. Its a good post with an attractive design. Thank you for sharing this information . I have been to Ahmedabad before its an rocking city.I am planning to visit to visit Ahmedabad and Ajmer in February so this post helped me a lot. Thank you admin..

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