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Abhaneri Festival

The Department of Tourism, Rajasthan recently organized a three days’ festival in the Abhaneri village  from November 29 to December 01, 2012 to promote Heritage Tourism in the area. Unfortunately the festival could not see the third day of celebration due to the sad demise of Ex Prime Minister of India- Mr. I.K.Gujral.

Though the first day was full of fanfare, music and colourful performances. Rajasthan Tourism Buzz brings you this photo blog on the cultural events, dance and activities took place on during the one and a half day’s celebration of Abhaneri Festival.

Abhaneri -A marvelous piece of architecture which gives a sense of magical touch and adds to the beauty of Rajasthan.

Abhaneri Step Wells

The geometrical pattern of stairs gives the different magical images of the stairs making it look beautiful and spell binding.

Abhaneri Stepwells

“Abhaneri is an ancient 9th Century village in Rajasthan, which is famous for its post-Gupta and early medieval period monuments. The village has contributed numerous pieces of sculpture to various museums across the world. The Abhaneri step-well and Harshat Mata Temple (9th Century) are amongst the major attractions here.

The bright and sunny day began with various local artists playing incredible music with unique instruments. Onthe other hand, camel cart rides were arranged for tourists and spectators.

Musician at Abhaneri Festival

 Rajasthani artists played the Algoza flute music at the Abhaneri Festival !! A double flute made of bamboo, the algoza works on the same principle as a bagpipe and the player has to master the art of breathing without letting the sound of the algoza break even for a bit.

Camel Cart Ride

The Camel Cart Ride for village safari

Almost all the marriages and festive occasions in the region feature a performance of this dance form. Chakri Dance involves a series of fast spinning movements done to the beats of the Dholak where the womenfolk dance in the full swing to the traditional songs.

chakri Dance 2

Chakri Dance at Harshat Mata Temple

chakri dance3

Chakri Dance Performance at Harshat Mata Temple

The Nukkad artists performed Kacchi Ghodi, Behrupia, Ravanhatha, Katputli, Algozi with great enthusiasm and zeal at Abhaneri Festival to add color and beauty to the event.

Nukkad Artist 1 Nukkad Artist 3

Kachhi Ghodi is one of the most famous dance forms in Rajasthan and an exemplary folk art form. It brings out the vivid hues and the rustic charms of rural life in Rajasthan.

kachchi ghodi

kachchi ghodi dance Performance at Abhaneri Festival

The spectators were lost in the enchanting music of Shehnai followed by Bhavai dance by the artists at Chand Baori during Abhaneri Festival. Bhavai is a genre of folk dance popular in Rajasthan. Have a look at this perfomer balancing a rim and dancing on a bed of sharp nails.

bhavai3 bhavai2


After the terrific performance of Bhavai Dance, One of the Rajasthani artists mesmerized the audience with the unique musical wind instrument ‘Mashak’!! Mashak looks like an airbag and is made by goat skin. This instrument also functions as a water container and an air container. When sealed and filled with air one can use Mashak to cross rivers …



The First day of Abhaneri Festival was called off by the incredible performance of Kalbeliya dancers.


The next morning at Abhaneri festival was fresh, fragrant and beautiful… Enjoy the dawn at Abhaneri with hot tea in local earthen cup.. Bliss!!


Morning beauty 1 Morning beauty 2 Morning beauty 3

Though the Second day of Abhaneri Festival did not see all the performances but few of the performances that delighted the  audiences were, Terah Tali and regional rajasthani Dance Performances.

Nukkad Artist 4 terah tali 1


This ritualistic dance of Rajasthan, Terahtali being performed by female dancers with their faces thinly veiled. The women squat on the floor with manjiras tied to different parts of the body and a naked sword is supported between the teeth while decorated brass pots of various sizes are carried on the heads.

terah big

The following events of the day were cancelled,  so with some entertaining experience and pictures, we headed back to our office after a scrumptious treat of chat being served at the food stalls at the Abhaneri Festival !!

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