Shekhawati Tourism – The Romance of Rich Culture and Architecture


Shekhawati is one of the most popular travel destinations in Rajasthan. Every third foreign tourist visiting Rajasthan also travels to Shekhawati. Known for Historical Monuments, magnificently painted havelis and vivacious culture, the modern Shekhawati Tourism is benchmarked for the warm hospitality and Internationally Awarded Hotels & Resorts. Here  you’ll see a perfect amalgamation of ages old traditional culture, modern luxury and comforts. A fabulous stay in Shekhawati with heritage hotels is a unique experience which leaves you spell bounded as you explore it more & more. The major attractions like desert safari, Fresco trail, resplendent Havelis, Painted walls are a delight to take up a round tour in form of Itinerary.

On your vacation in this storybook town, you’d be absorbed in the most delighting activities which follows..

Painted Havelis – Shekhawati is popularly known as an open air art gallery and there are many fresco trails at the heart of the town accompanying many splendid havelis. Walking and camel cart tours are organized to enjoy the trail through these resplendent painted havelis.

Rajasthan Tourism Rajasthan Tourism Rajasthan Tourism

Camel Cart Rides – You could enjoy the countryside sitting on top of the camel or from the cart. You can savor the mesmerizing view of the local Bawari (Water tank). Blue bulls and many species of birds are sighted on the way. Barbeque and bonfire are also organized in the countryside around the Bawari .

Shopping – Shekhawati is famed for Laak (lacquer) bangles and souvenirs, they are made at small shops in front of the guest in the colors and design preferred by the guests. Traditional silver ware and dancing puppets are also popular in the beautiful markets of Shekhawati .

Wherever you cast an eye, frescoes smile back. Explore the city with one of the many heritage hotels, which are maintained in the classical medieval theme with modern luxuries. Apart from the beautiful frescoes, you can also witness precious arms with jade handles and beautiful curios in the Havelis of Shekhawati.


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  1. म्हारो राजस्थान रंगीलो,प्यारो राजस्थान
    वीरा-धीरा री आ धरती,म्हाने गरव गुमान
    म्हारो राजस्थान रंगीलो,प्यारो राजस्थान…..

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