Birding in Ranthambore


Rajasthan is the biggest state and one of the popular destinations of India. The wildlife safari, historical Places and heritage enrapture visitors of across the globe.

RNP6 cq

Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and famous National Parks in India. It is mainly famous for its Tigers.  Located at about 130 kms from Jaipur, in Sawai Madhopur District of Southeastern Rajasthan, it was once the most famous hunting grounds for the Royal Maharajas of Rajasthan. It is spread across area of 1,334 sq kms. Every year thousands of tourists throng in due to its exotic and exciting wildlife Tours.

Besides being a habitat to the land creatures and amphibians, Ranthambore National park is also a home to many beautiful and rare birds due to its numerous water bodies and terrain. There are in all 272 species of birds namely, Indian Gray Hornbills, Drongos, Bee eaters, parakeets, Common Kingfishers, Cuckoos, Asian palm Swift, Dove, Herons, Bitterns, Graylaggoose, sandpipers, gulls,  storks, Ioras, Falcons, Mynas, Munias, Finches, Wagtails, Pittas, Flycatchers, Pipits, Bulbul, Orioles, Cuckoo Shrikes, Pigeon, Bayas, Treepies, Crows, Egrets, Owl, Sipes, Terns,   Woodpeckers, Minivets, Ibis, Eagles, Storks, Ioras, Pelicans.


A bird lover or Ornithologist can easily catch a glimpse of these beautiful flying creatures at the Ranthambore Fort, Padam Talao, Jhalra region and Malik Talao.


The Park is an easily reachable destination from Jaipur as its nearest city at a distance of 130 kms. Visitors can either come via train or their local vehicles to the national park. To feel that excitement, thrill and the goose, tourists visit the Ranthambore National Parks to watch these wild birds and animals live in action. Best time to visit the Ranthambore National Park is from 1 October to 30 June. So Plan a holiday with your family and friends for this adventurous safari in Ranthambore. …..


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