Jungle Safari to start soon in Jhalana Forest Jaipur!


Jaipur is all set to receive yet another spot for tourist as well as local visitors attaraction. The forest department of Jaipur is planning to start a Jungle Safari for the locales as well as tourists in the Jhalana Jungles of Jaipur. The report has been submitted to the tourism minister, Ms. Bina Kak to sanction it and execute the whole plan.


The forests of Jhalana are merely 500 meters away from the Apex circle of Malviya Nagar. Report includes the construction and maintenance of routes that will take the visitors around the jungles to explore the various species of birds and animals. According to an official special safari cars will be provided to explore the jungles. There is going to be a specific entry charges for the jungle safari. The department has also made a special ‘Panther Conservation plan’.


The plan also include installation of cameras for the monitoring of Panthers to ensure their safety and also to have an eye over their movement. It is planned to run only petrol vehicles to roam around in the jungle to prevent pollution .

The forest of Jhalana is spread in around 2000 hectares. Prominent wildlife of the forest is Panther. Other exotic species of Caracal, rabbits, squirrels are also found.

So, Jaipur is about to receive a new tourist hot-spot and that too a Jungle Safari. Isn’t it a great achievement?


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