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Ranthambhore National Park opens tomorrow with a slight hike in fares!




As the monsoon is done with its brilliant shower throughout the season and gave all the reasons to the jungle to flourish; the jungle is full of surprises and incredible adventures for all the wildlife enthusiasts who are already set for the season’s first jungle safari.

Absolutely, now the time is for us to experience the breathtaking surprises of Jungle with all the National Parks officially opening for tourist Safaris from tomorrow i.e. October 01, 2013.

Once again you will witness the incredible activities of wild at its peak. The Ranthambhore National Park will once again break into chilling cacophony of languor shrieks, sambar calls and chartering of birds. The sound of fear and excitement, and a fierce tiger enjoying its prey or playing with its little cubs!!

Forest Officials informed that there is a slight hike in the safari fares from October01, 2013. Those who have booked the safari earlier will have to pay the difference at the time of their safari. But this in never going to be a constrain because such great fun and adventure is worth a little more splurge!

Get ready with all your gears and safari backpack, because this time wild and wilderness would have an all new excitement with little tiger cubs, migrated animals, lush flora and the legendary time honored oldest big cat ‘Machhli”

Festival Special train between Jaipur and Indore


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In view of the heavy rush of passengers during the festival season, the railway will run a special Indore- Jaipur weekly train from October 2 to November 26.

As per the official information, train no. 09727 Jaipur- Indore weekly special train will start from October 1 from the pink city at 9.05 pm. Similarly, the 09728 Indore- Jaipur train will leave Indore railway station on October 2. From October 2, on every Wednesday the train will leave Indore station at 10.25 pm and reach Jaipur on Thursday.

The 16- coach train will have two and three- tier AC coaches, six sleeper coaches and five general coaches. The reservation for the train is yet to start.

Hidden Gems of Rajasthan

Happy World Tourism Day

Happy World Tourism Day

With a populace of over a billion, and several hundred languages and dialects, India floods your senses with a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds- both historical and contemporary. Your journey will take you by sea, air, and land through metropolitan and rural areas of this picturesque country.  Today is the World Tourism Day and we are going to share with you some unearthed treasures of Rajasthan firsthand.

Marvel at the magnificent and ancient structures of Royal Rajasthan which would amaze you with their stupendous legend, heritage and architecture.

Bhangarh tops the list…

India, with its rich and long history, is full of mysteries. Perhaps none is as puzzling as what happened hundreds of years ago at a royal city in Rajasthan, now under excavation. At the edge of the Sariska forest, 47 kms from Alwar in Rajasthan lays the town of Bhangarh whose haunted status is attracting scores of tourists. Bhangarh is known for its ruins, and it’s interesting to note that entry to this “Ghost town” is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. That might be more legend than fact, but Bhangarh is still a charming ruin to visit. Even today, a walk to the palace through the remains of what once used to be a bustling town is a fragrant affair with the aroma of kevda wafting in from a nearby grove. Large banyan trees and several temples dot the landscape. The beautifully carved temples of Gopinath, Shiva (Someshwar), Mangla Devi, Keshava Rai, resplendent cenotaphs and dancers’ mansion have survived the passage of time and are a must-see for visitors.

These days, Bhangarh is run by the government of India as a tourist site, attracting a primarily domestic crowd. Many visitors have heard about the myth, but most come simply to explore the ruins, which are pretty interesting whether or not you believe in ghosts.


Shekhawati came into light since last two decades only; earlier this beautiful place was not much in the very common touring routes of Rajasthan. Shekhawati is simply beautiful. Every street, house and wall has the stamp of an artist’s imagination in paint. Wherever you cast an eye, frescoes smile back. The plethora of these murals comes rather as a surprise in a land which is traditionally known as ‘warrior’s turf’ and also an ‘impoverished part of an arid region’. You just have to visit Shekhawati to believe what a riot color and imagination can create together, the Shekhawati which is Rajasthan’s very own Open Air Art Gallery.

Today Shekhawati is fully prepared to welcome the guests coming from any corner of world by providing all the comforts and facilities of modern world. The dedication of the Shekhawatis made the famous saying true i;e “Padharo Mhare Desh” means “Oh guest, you are welcome to my land”.


Nuzzled among the cluster of thirteen mountain peaks, in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh fort is recognized as an abode of massive fortification and the homeland of the great warrior and king of Mewar; Maharana Pratap. Fortified with 33 kms of walls, Kumbhalgarh fort holds the peculiarity of having the second longest incessant wall in the world, passing all tests of time. Recently Kumbhalgarh Fort has been honored with the UNESCO’s world Heritage Site title.

Every evening the fort stands soaring to share its regal past and recuperating the pride with thundering music and magnitude of colorful lights at the Light and Sound Show on stunning backdrop.

Chand Baori Stepwell

Chand Baori is one of the deepest and largest step wells in India. It was built by Raja Chandra of the Chauhan dynasty who ruled over Abhanagri during 8th-9th century AD.  Logically, it is man’s answer to the perennial water shortage in the area. What is astonishing is not man’s quest for water; rather, the high degree of precision and engineering skill displayed by the architect and the other workers in the general design and concept in an age when sophisticated machines and computers were unknown and unheard of. To top it off is the fact that this was not a showpiece but a utilitarian well used by the village folks for their daily needs and before proceeding to the nearby Harshshat Mata Temple.

The step well is square in shape with a strong wall enclosing the entire structure. It has over 3,500 symmetrically laid out steps on three sides of the structure which drop down 13 levels, to a depth of over 100 feet. There may be more steps below the water level. On the fourth side, the one you encounter the moment you enter the step well, there are pavilions built one on top of the other. These pavilions have carved out places housing beautiful sculptures and religious carvings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga. The pillars holding up the pavilions are tall, slender and intricately carved. Strong railings enclosing the steps and the pavilion prevent you from descending to the pavilion or to the water level. The overall visual effect is that of an upturned pyramid.

We know that you must be already lost in your imaginations and head tripping these incredible hidden gems of Rajasthan.  Then wait no more and do something “Hatke” (off the beat) by planning an incredible visit to these fascinating unfathomed destinations of Rajasthan.



World Tourism Day Celebration in Jaipur



On World Tourism Day today i.e. September 27, 2013, The Department of Tourism of every state is doing something on this occasion to foster awareness about social, cultural, political and economic values of tourism, so is Rajasthan’s.  The Hon’ble Minister Tourism, Art & Culture, Ms Bina Kak graced the celebration of the World tourism Day by inaugurating the website of ‘Rajasthan State Archives Department’ yesterday. The website displays more than 35 lakh historical documents of erstwhile princely states and the state’s history.


For today, a number of events are lined up in the Jaipur city to delight tourists.
There is going to be a bonanza of Rajasthani folk music and dances for music lovers at the open air theatre in Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in the evening.

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During the day, a photography exhibition on heritage tourism will also be displayed at the JKK. Besides this, there are going to be performances of folk dancers, shehnai and nagada players at Jaipur’s most prominent and ancient museum i.e. Albert Hall, astronomical observatory which is Jantar Mantar and the beautiful fort, Amer fort during the day.

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Not just this. The foreign as well as domestic tourists visiting Jaipur today will be distributed tourism literature and will be accorded a warm welcome by being garlanded at Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar, Amer fort, Tourism Reception Centre, Air Port, Railway Station and the Bus Stand. To add, there is a free entry to all museums and heritage structures today.

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Be a part of the colorful activities and experience the richness of culture during such celebrations in Rajasthan!!

Picture Courtesy: Jaipur Beat.

Jaipur to host 17th Maharaja Jagat Singh Inter School Sports Tournament



The much renowned 50 schools would compete within the biggest sports tournament of the city named “Maharaj Jagat Singh Inter School Sports Tournament” starting from October 03 to 07, 2013 at SMS Stadium, Jaipur.

Founded 16 years ago by Late Rajmata Gayatri Devi in memory of her late son Maharaja Jagat Singh (who himself was an avid sportsperson and sports fan), the 17th Mini-Olympics would have new disciplines of athletics, tennis, table-tennis, squash and badminton for around 2500 students from various schools across the state.

Eminent sports personalities like Olympian Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Former Cricketer Arun Lal etc. would descend on Jaipur to boost up the morale of participating students.

The Chair person of Maharaja Sawai Mansingh Vidyalaya and Rani Vidya Devi has confirmed the news of mini-Olympic at its curtain raiser conference held in Jaipur on September 24, 2013. The Principal of MSMSV threw light on the special features of the tournament. She also informed that Jaipur Khel Ratna scholarships for exceptional school athletes were being introduced this year. Similarly, a special trophy for racquet games was also being instituted.



Tourist Special Train from Bangalore to Rajasthan


Rupee depreciation has simply boosted local tourism with more travelers taking interest in visiting Indian tourist destinations and Rajasthan tops the list. Tourism industry is apparently taking extra special care to delight local tourists and travelers in India….

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As part of Dasara holidays, IRCTC is flagging off its special Royal Rajasthan Charter Train from Bangalore consisting of four – 3Tier AC Coaches and nine Sleeper Class Coaches on October 09, 2013  on a 12-day tour carrying tourists from Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Arsikere, Hubli, Bellary to the magnificent tourist destinations in Rajasthan — Udaipur-Chittaurgarh-Jaipur-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur- Mount Abu.

The unique features of the charter train are that it carries only tourists, has a separate Pantry car to cater South Indian vegetarian food, each coach has a manager and a security; coaches are equipped with Public Announcement system. The charter train also includes accommodation wherever night stays are planned and buses are arranged for sightseeing.

The tourists have been classified into Budget, Standard, Comfort & Deluxe and the rates are: Rs. 19,050, Rs. 21,370, Rs. 27,950 and Rs. 32,550 respectively.

For details contact: Ph: 080-25537772, Mob: 96638-77788, 96638-83323

Rajasthan is not popular for nothing, its undulating terrains, colorful festivals, tempting cuisines and warm people are just gluing and win your heart at once. So, what stops you now? Go get your holidays booked with Royalty of Rajasthan!!

Ranthambhore’s Machli receives special honor


Having given her bit to theRanthambhore tiger reserve, it is now honor time for Machli, A commemorative postal cover on her is released by Rajasthan CM Mr. Ashok Gehlot and Tourism Minister Bina Kak on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

The postal department of India will carry the picture of this Ranthambhore National Park’s tigress on its envelope. In a few months, a postal stamp will also be released on Machli.

‘Machli’ is a seventeen year old tigress who rules Ranthambhore, a tigress whose majesty is assured as much by the gaze of millions she arrests with the distinctive ‘fish’ mask outlining her eyes.

The legend of Machli as the world’s most photographed cat with stripes, as she’s regarded, has survived a generation, and there are many who wish it would last another. After all, the tiger’s survival is a cause dear to us all.

Machli’s popularity is not astonishing for nothing. She is the world’s oldest documented tiger alive. Hundreds of photographers attest to her fame, helped along in no small measure by the picturesque setting against which she has spent a life being captured on film, the deceptive serenity of the lake territory along an Aravalli ridge crowned by the imposing ramparts of the Ranthambhore Fort.

Machli’s lack of camera shyness has given dozens the thrill of watching a big cat hunt in broad daylight. She is totally oblivious of humans in a jeep.

It’s a rarity that has given Machli the honor of a ‘lifetime achievement award’ bestowed upon her by Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) The tigress now has her territory in Lakarda area of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Soon from October 01, 2013 as the jungle opens, Ranthambhore will break into a chilling cacophony of langoor shrieks and sambar calls. It would perhaps be the sound of fear And Machli would be correctly identified!!