Jaigarh fort and the mammoth Cannon


Jaigarh, once responsible for the security of both Jaipur and Amer, is a huge mutated fort and contains all the accoutrements of a full-fledged citadel. This outstanding accomplishment of martial structural design stands amid thorn-scrub covered Aravalli hills with the steep road that is great to gaze up and down.  The fort is time-honoured for the Jaivan cannon, considered the largest cannon in the world.

Jaivan, the principal cannon on wheels in the planet, is one of the key eye pullers of Jaigarh Fort. Superstructure at a commanding height, the cannon is perched with view of the entire city. Its sheer size gives some idea of what a monumental task Jaivan’s manufacture might have been. The 50 tons cannon rests on six massive wheels, each 9 ft in circumference. Awe-strikingly, it took 4 giant elephants to rotate it around its axis. Legends say that the cannon had been test fired that too only once- towards Chakshu, 22 km away which created a huge depression forming a popular pond now.

Truly RAJAsthan!



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