Dussehra in Kota


Kota is a fabulous amalgamation of medieval grandeur and modern industrialization. Known as the industrial capital of Rajasthan, Kota has left its past to history books and pushed itself into the 21st century but the festival of Dussehra is still celebrated with great fervor  and enthusiasm in myriad ways.  Scheduled to take place from October 12 to 14, 2013, the fair generally lasts for about a fortnight with lots to eat, buy and enjoy..

Huge effigies of the vanquished Ravana along-with his brother Kumbhkarna and his son Meghnath, made of paper & bamboo and stuffed with firecrackers are set alight. Legend has it, that Ravana has ten heads. So the effigies of Ravana comprise ten heads and these colourful effigies are a photographer’s delight. It’s a wonder how these effigies, which measure upto 72-75 ft in height, are made to stand. The worship of weapons during this festival was essential for the martial Rajput race. In some places homage is paid to propitiate Kali, the goddess of destruction and war. They enjoy the festival savoring sugar cane and the mouth-watering sweetmeat Jalebi.

Festivities and the cattle fair commence from the day after the effigy of Ravana is burnt. Various cultural programmes last for a fortnight while the cattle & trade fair continues for the whole month.


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