Marwar Festival


Marwar festival

Marwar is the part of Rajasthan that jive with the heroic saga as the rest of the state and visiting Jodhpur (supposed to be the head office during ancient times) during winter is the best and its better if visited in month of September-October, then you sure can be a part of the two- day Marwar Festival. During Marwar Festival, Jodhpur the Blue City, performs well by staging the die-hard chivalry of the hero’s of the land.

Marwar festival 2

The Marwar festival, which is organized in memory of the heroes of Rajasthan, is dedicated to the music and dance of this Marwar region. Bringing to life the legendary folklores of the area, the folk artists do all the justice in it. Listening to the folk musicians singing praises of the bygone heroes may not be completely understood but the fierce intensity can be strongly felt in their songs. Being an audience to the buoyant and spirited performers of the folk dances can make you go gaga over it. Watching the folk dancers, who accurately balance the earthen pots on their heads and also even dancing to the rhythm of the songs sung by the singers, and also the dancing, while standing on a sword fairly gives the idea about, how the valor rules the land.

kalbelia dance

The typical Kalbeliya dance has made a mark internationally and you can check it out here in its own land and with the true Indian spirit. Other attractions of the festival, to make it a hit among the tourist clan are sufi night, Moustache competition, tug of war, matka race, Marwar Shree competition and Band competition etc.

The festival is one of the perfect events where it’s a great fun to take a look closely at the rustic rural as well as colorful life of the people and the venue of this live entertainment takes place generally in the Umaid Stadium, Mandore town and at the Mehrangarh Fort, which are also the hot places to be visited in the list of a traveler if in Jodhpur.

16th Oct’13 –  Inaguration will be on 16th Oct’13 at 19:00 hrs  with Deep Dan at  Gulab sagar followed by sufi programme at clock tower by Sonu Kalra.

17th – 9:00 hrs – procession at Umaid Stadium 14:00 hrs – various programmes competition at Umaid Stadium.

18th – Grand Finale at Osian sand dunes in evening .


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