Kathiawar Food Festival in Jaipur


Kathiawar Food Festival 1

The Fern   An Ecotel Hotel, Jaipur is celebrating the charismatic cuisine of Kathiawar from October 18   27, 2013 at Conversation  The World Cuisine Cafe . 

Kathiawar is part of the Saurashtra region in the state of Gujarat.  It is the cultural, religious and historical epicenter of the state of Gujarat. The food is a delight of this diverse region which is also named after the people who inhabit this area; the Kathiawadis. Kathiawar cuisine is basically Gujarati food that has influences of Parsee and Bohri cuisine. This is a cuisine where you will find boiled peanuts in the dal, jeera in the seasoning of every dish and a characteristic sweetness to all the dishes, thanks to a very Gujarati influence.

Vatana nu oondhiya, sambhariyu shaak, bajra nu rotla, khichdi, kadi, dal dhokadi, ringan nu olo, kachori, lasaniya bataki and lots more to keep you enticed and what better to keep the festive spirits alive post Navratra, Dandiya and Dussehra !

The delicious vegetarian food on offer would be cooked by Maharaj Pratap Chand who is specially coming over for the festival. A lavish and sumptuous buffet with live cooking stations is all set to greet you between 19:30 hrs 22:30 hrs.

Kathiawar Food Festival 2



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