Jodhpur Polo Season begins from December 01, 2013


Polo ! The very name conjures vision of aristocracy and excellence, of style and rare athletic prowess. Polo is a game that signifies power, adventure, beauty, elegance, graceful team work, class and above all – Tradition. Among the world’s most ancient sports, Polo is not less than a religion in Rajasthan. For a game, that is as “Exclusive as Elusive” Jaipur is a natural home of polo, in Rajasthan, but Jodhpur still leads the way and is considered to be a perfect destination for Polo. The Jodhpur Polo Season will be held from 1st December 2013 till 31st December 2013.

Mark the following dates and join in the festivities in Jodhpur!

jodhpur polo 2013

Jodhpur Polo Club had successful Polo Seasons since 1998 at Jodhpur and wish to take Jodhpur Polo to higher level and making it a prominent International Polo Centre in India.  At the JPEI they have one of the best green Polo Ground in India. Over past few years Jodhpur has developed into a leading tourist destination, a centre for heritage and culture, which gives tourists an authentic local experience.

Experience the thrills and excitement of Royal Game in Jodhpur!!


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