Rajasthan; A magnificent blend of cultures and royalty


Pushkar Fair

A state dipped in age old heritage is undoubtedly rich with numerous customs and traditions. Be it the celebration of a child birth or auspicious occasion of marriage, the rituals and traditions of Rajasthan fill the entire ambience with multiple colors and buoyancy.

Rajasthan is a home to magnificent forts and palaces, which have earned tremendous popularity today, in the world tourist map. Beside its rich heritage culture and monuments, Rajasthan holds strong custom and tradition within its geographical boundaries. The warmth of its rich custom and old tradition can be witnessed, once you are on your royal trail to its stunning cities of Maharajahs like Jaipur, Udaipur, Shekhawati and more. The impression of its rich culture and old tradition can be felt at each corner of Rajasthan.

Wherever you map out your trip to experience the real Rajasthani style don’t forget to try visiting the exotic palaces of Rajasthan, this allows the best vision for enthusiastic travellers to experience the ages old culturally rich and extensive tradition, which helps in keeping the variant cities of Rajasthan on top priorities.


For an unforgettable experience of magnificent architecture, regal hospitality, royal celebrations and the beauty of colourful Rajasthan, feel free to contact us.


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