Harley Davidson opens its showroom in Jaipur



Moment to rejoice for Speed fanatics in Jaipur as the bike of the bikes Harley Davidson is now in your own city!! With close to 12 dealerships in India, Rajasthan is the recent state to witness the launch of the automobile showroom on December 15, 2013. No wonder that we are till date astonished with the amazing looks of its motorcycles, longing to behold and procure it.

Its been more than three years since the bison of cruisers, Harley-Davidson made its debut in the domestic market.  Located in Pink City Jaipur under the flagship of Dunes Harley-Davidson, the showroom is established with the idea of strengthening the man machine relationship in Northern India.

king of desert

A dealership in Rajasthan was a natural progression since Harley-Davidson is a much loved brand in the state with a large number of customers already present here. The brand spokespersons are delighted to open their doors to the wide motorcyclist base in Jaipur and welcome new customers to their growing family of Harley-Davidson owners.

The launch of Harley-Davidson dealership in Rajasthan has brought a wave of rejoices among its ardent followers. All the models of Two-wheeler Company are kept on display in the showroom with their price ranging from Rs. 6.5 lakh to Rs. 32 lakh.

On the day of launch, the excitement of bike owners across the country was commendable; they were so delighted that all the 100 Harley-Davidson owners across the northern India held a cavalcade on the Jaipur roads. This was a moment of glee for every speed-cruiser fanatic, and Harley-Davidson is sure to intensify its market growth in India with the advent of new dealerships.

rider rider1 HD00 HD2 HD3 HD4 HD6 HD7 HD8 HD9 HD11 HD12


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