The morning flight by Jet Airways between Chandigarh and Jaipur is cancelled till December 31


Direct flights

With the annual threat of low visibility conditions caused by fog looming large at the airports especially in North India, flight carriers operating out of the airports have either cancelled or re-scheduled their early morning and evening flights till January 31.

Each year, during the months of December and January, flight carriers are forced to cancel their flights from Chandigarh airport due to dense fog, which renders the existing Instrument Landing System (ILS) useless as visibility drops to below 500 metres. In such conditions, most flight carriers choose to either cancel or pre-pone their early morning and evening flights.

Usually flight carriers carry out this exercise after their flights have been held up due to fog and passengers and their kin have been put through hours and hours of harassment due to lack of advance information. However, this year, flight carriers have seemingly stolen a march over Nature by either cancelling some of their flights or by pre-ponding some flights.

Officials at the airport confirmed that Jet Airways cancelled its morning Chandigarh-Delhi flight and its Chandigarh-Jaipur-Ahmedabad flight till January 31.



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