“Soul of Rajasthan” a coffee table book to be launched by Pathfynder on India Tourism Day


Rajasthan is a colourful state with vibrant cultures, terrific lifestyle and jubilant festivals that attract people from far beyond the borders. You might come across a slew of books talking about the brilliance and colours of jovial Rajasthan but not something that could truly pen down the real “Soul of Rajasthan”

Soul of Rajasthan

“Soul of Rajasthan,” yes,  the name itself suggests that the true soul of Rajasthan is cocooned in this book which is to be launched by a leading branding and marketing firm; Pathfynder Solutions on the glorious occasion of India Tourism Day, Saturday, January 25, 2014.

The book is a beautiful journey that takes you through different faces of Rajasthan. With each page that you turn, you get closer to this colorful land that talks about royalty, heritage, cuisines, festivals, forts & palaces, pilgrimage and other main attractions. The book offers you a wonderful experience through the brilliant photography and content that it encompasses, reflecting Rajasthan in a totally different perspective.

Soul of Rajasthan

“Whenever I would travel to different parts of Rajasthan and click photographs, I always dreamt of creating a book that will speak for it”, says Gaurav Hajela, the Managing Partner of Pathfynder, a well-known photographer and a person who has traveled Rajasthan extensively. Gaurav has been awarded in various photography competitions and got his work published in the leading international magazines, travel websites and also in various brochures and other publications.

The book Soul of Rajasthan has also been launched on social media and has its presence on Facebook, Instagram along with its own website. The copies of the book will be available in the leading retail stores and online subsequently. It will also have its own mobile app in a short time.

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Pathfynder Solutions is a creative consultancy firm. Apart from handling several brands nationally and internationally, Pathfynder also owns the leading blog Rajasthan Tourism Buzz and Jaipur’s one of the leading online magazines: Jaipur Beat.

The book will be unveiled through the press conference on Saturday, January, 25, 2014 at the Forresta Kitchen and Bar fine dining restaurant.

Soul of Rajasthan promises a wonderful journey of Rajasthan that would bound you to crave for a visit to the colourful and vibrant state Rajasthan!

Follow more updates on the book at its official fan page https://www.facebook.com/soulofrajasthan



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