A New Gallery and ‘Water Heritage Walk’ at Jaigarh Fort


jaigarh fort
The historic 16th century Jaigarh Fort will see two new value additions which will go a long way in attracting more tourists to the monument. The tourist coming to the Royal Guard Gallery entitled ‘War & Peace’ at Jaigarh Fort will now be able to get a rare glimpse into the distinguished military and diplomatic careers of the last two ruling Maharajas of Jaipur,Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II (1911-70) and Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh (1931-2011).

The ‘Royal Guard Gallery’ and the ‘Water Heritage Walk’ were officially inaugurated by the President and CEO of J. Paul Getty Trust, Dr. James Cuno and the Trustee of the Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust as well as the MLA of Sawai Madhopur, Princess Diya Kumari on 23 February, 2014.
Royal Guard Gallery at Jaigarh Fort

Water Heritage Walk

The ‘Water Heritage Walk’ will begin at 9 am and will cover the spread of water channels outside the Jaigarh Fort and the way the water flows into Jaigarh. One can also observe its sedimentation and storage in Jaigarh Fort.

It is interesting to note that the catchment area of water for Jaigarh, extending to about 4 kms from the fort is a network of drains, small canals and their arteries laid in and outside the fort. Small canals that bring rainwater from the higher reaches of the hills are designed in such a way that they are on a gradient and also, at the same time, have an undulating course. The water of the first one or two rains was channelled into an open tank in the south-east part of the fort by closing the gate of the canal leading to the main tank,which was used for horses and other animals. Only fresh and clean water was allowed to collect in the main tanks which were used for drinking purposes.There are five such underground storage tanks that can store almost 6 million litres of water.

As per Princess Diya Kumari said: “The Story of Jaigarh water harvesting structure is a story of ingenuity of a society to innovate for all its needs. The extensive water systems of this fort is one of the most significant features. Similarly, the military and diplomatic careers of the last two Maharajas of Jaipur are well known – and the Royal Guard Gallery will do justice in highlighting their illustrious times”.


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