Live the Rustic Life of Rajasthan At Choki Dhani Resort, Jaipur


A trip to beautiful Pink City would be incomplete without capturing the soul and spirit of the ethnic rustic life of the colorful state of Rajasthan. And it can only be experienced at the iconic Choki Dhani Resort that breathes the culture of Rajasthan like no other. An opposed to the majestic lifestyle of rulers of Rajasthan, this fascinating resort with its semi-rural settings brings to life the rich rajasthani culture and cuisine at its best.

Choki Dhani will leave you awestruck with all the attractions and elements of ethnic culture and traditions. Be it savoring the mouthwatering deliciacies of Rajasthan served in traditional Rajasthani style, games zone, puppet show, mehendi, animal rides, the mandir or live music & dance entertainments, Choki Dhani is just the right place to have great evenings in Rajasthani style.


Away from the urban life, in its authentic artisan village like setting, you can spend hours and hours wandering through its quaint mud and thatch dwellings. Do allow yourself a plenty of time when you are at this stop-destination for fun, food and entertainment. You are certainly going to relish every moment spent in this wonderful village themed resort.

Rajasthani traditional dance GHUMAR means Round and Rounds

At the resort, you will experience an amazing blend of splendid Rajasthani culture and contemporary amenities in typical ethnic ambiance. In its tastefully designed and cozy cottage dwellings, you may book your stay as well. Every room is richly adorned with traditional décor and offers all the conveniences to make your stay outstanding and memorable. With its conference room, outdoor barbeque, Kesariya, Rhunjhun-disco cum bar, Sansha spa and other facilities, the resort makes a perfect choice whether you are on a business trip, vacation or for a wedding reception.


Choki Dhani Resort
Address : 12 Milles Tonk Road, Via Vatika Jaipur, Rajasthan


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