Udaipur Welcomes You For World Living Heritage Festival-2



Come March 13-16, the Udaipur City Palace is getting ready for the grand celebration of the second edition of the ‘World Living Heritage Festival’ to keep the torch of the living Heritage of Mewar lit. Conceptualized by Arvind Singh Mewar, the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur is organizing the event in association with UNESCO New Delhi.

The royals of Udaipur have always taken the responsibility of preserving the remarkable tangible and intangible cultural heritage of erstwhile Mewar very seriously. And to fulfill this enormous responsibility and preserve the heritage we are proud of for generations that follow, this unique four-day-long fest is celebrated. This is the second time when the festival is being organized.



Within the mesmerizing setting of the City Palace, the event will witness arts and crafts workshops, photo exhibition, food festival and technical conferences to discuss issues pertaining to the preservation of Living Heritage. A musical concert brings the day to close every day. From folk music to classical vocal, instrumental music to classical dances, the event promises to be a truly mesmerizing journey for guests like you. Holika Dahan Ceremony will bring the colorful closure to the event.

image0093Cultural Performances


Hero5                          Holika Dahan Ceremony

Come and celebrate the magical colors of life and the diversity of cultures preserved in Rajasthan’s Mewar region with us. We look forward to have you in a truly romantic destination, Udaipur enjoying the living heritage of arts, music, dance, food and festivities of the Mewar region in WLHF-2014 from March13-16.

( Image courtesy to eternalmewar.in)


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