Explore Wilds in the Sariska National Park


7Entrance to the Sariska National Park, Alwar (Image via Google)

If you are looking for a relaxed excursion near Jaipur , the Sariska National Park at 107 kms from the pink city is an idyllic escape to seek tranquility and enjoy the rich flora and fauna and dazzling scenery. Apart from being one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan, the National Park is also famous as a pilgrimage destination and is a must-visit while sightseeing in Rajasthan.

jeep-safari-in-india-189Jeep Safari in the Sariska National Park (Image via indianholidays.com)

Divided into sections of deciduous forests, grasslands, rocky landscapes and steep cliffs, the Sariska National Park is spread over 800 sq km area. Famous, particularly for Indian Tigers, bird-watching and safaris, the sanctuary is a home to a variety of wildlife species, like Sambhar deer, leopards, hyenas, woodpeckers, and a number of other marsh animals and avian species. The Park also encircles the ‘Jai Samand Lake’ and the ‘Siliserh Lake’ , which are home to a number of water snakes , crocodiles and other amphibians.

siliserh-lake-9 Siliserh Lake, Alwar (Image courtesy – zipmytravel.com)

Apart from its wildlife, a couple of historical spots such as the ancient ‘Nilkanth Temple’ and the ancient ‘Kankawadi Fort’ within the park are also worth visiting. ‘Pandupole’ a popular pilgrimage spot build by the mythological characters; the ‘Pandavas’ is also bound to please your attention.

Pandupol at SariskaPandupole at Sariska, Alwar (Image via Google)

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit the Sariska National Park is throughout the year. If you want to avoid the scorching heat, it’s the perfect time to visit the park. The park is open to public from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM but stays closed on most national holidays.


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