Sheetla Mata Fair


Festivals hold an unusual lure for the Rajasthanis and here you can find the locals up with many reasons to celebrate and make merry in the form of different colourful festivals. Each part of Rajasthan has its own unique festival and the village of Seel-Ki-Doongri lying on the Jaipur-Kota road near Jaipur has its own unique festival to worship Sheetla Mata.

sheetla mata 2

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Sheetla Mata, believed to be the Goddess of Small Pox, is worshipped on Sheetla Ashtami which would fall on March 24, 2014 to control the visitation of a small pox epidemic in the town. This fair is a rural celebration and is quite popular in the interiors of Rajasthan. The fair is also popular among foreign visitors because of the charismatic display of rural life and colors. The most popular Sheetla Mata fair is held at Seel-Ki-Doongri, a village in Jaipur district. This village has a shrine dedicated to the Mata. The shrine is on a hillock, called Doongri in the local language. The present temple is believed to have been made by Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur.


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Lakhs of devotees of Mata come from far and near in their beautifully decorated bullock-carts. The carts and their colorful occupants assembled at the foot of the hill crowned by the shrine offers a memorable sight of resplendent Rajasthan.

Apart from bullocks, the rural merchants also trade in cattle, camels and horses and other wares. The ambiances at the fair offer a fabulous blend of culture and colours of Rajasthan to cherish beyond times.


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