A poetic tribute to Rajasthan


On the occasion of World Poetry Day, we are sharing with you a heart touching poem about Rajasthan!! The poem is beautifully written by a young lad named Rishabh Barmecha. Here it goes..



A place where I was born,

A place where jewels are of silver,
whose sand is gold,
A place full of culture,
the stories of royalty on its every chapter u unfold,
A place where for a few bugs,
loyality is not sold,
A place where elders are caring but there attitude is bold,
A place where aged people are respected,
and with intention,
they always try to scold,
but their love and affection keeps on the family a strong hold,
A place where unsaid secrets of holy spirits are told,
A place where days are erupting volcanoes but nights are cold,
A place in lieu of whose memories,
down my cheek, tears rolled,
A place full of forts and palaces,
A place known for its festivals, culture and spirituality,
A place on whose land, were great warriors were born,
in the battlefields, faught vigerously with their swords,
just to keep their words.
A place where life peaceful, pleasent and pure,
A place whose story, I just tried to mould,
That place is Rajasthan, yes that is Rajasthan.

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