Fly between Jaipur and Mumbai in 70 minutes


jaipur airport

Flying from Jaipur to any destination will now take 30% less time! This means, a flight from Jaipur to Mumbai takes 1 hour 40 minutes. Under the new system, it will take 1 hour 10 minutes. Even flying hours between Jaipur to Delhi will be 10-15 minutes shorter. The operating airlines will be saving Rs 2,770 per minute which they normally spent on flying hours.

With the introduction of such performance-based navigation flights don’t need to take zig zag route to follow the pre-determined route in order to felicitate the ground-based navigation system thus saving time and money both.

This new system is more accurate with direct routes between two given points. The biggest advantage is that it will reduce fuel burn. Also, less congestion on airspace will cut carbon emissions. Another feature of this system is that it helps in efficient take-offs and landings, especially during poor weather conditions.

Jaipur has become the 11th airport among 132 airports in the country to have this new system.


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