Enjoy the Palace on Wheels’ royal cuisines in Nahargarh Fort


If you believe that the luxury of Palace on Wheels train is only for its passengers, then there is a surprise for the Pink City. The royal experiences of palace on Wheels, especially the dining delights, are soon going to pamper the denizens of Jaipur at Nahargarh Fort.

palace on wheels

Yes, you read it right! Now, the Palace on Wheels team is set to stir your taste buds not on the train only but also at the picturesque Nahargarh Fort. In a first of its kind initiative, you will now be able to get the taste and feel of a lifetime dining experience in the 1734 fort with the panoramic view of the city at night. Come May end, every evening, you can enjoy exquisite hospitality and cuisine by the Palace on Wheels team at the ‘Padao Restaurant’ at Nahargarh Fort at no extra cost.


The Padao’ at Nahargarh Fort, overlooking the city, would serve royal cuisines with the entire paraphernalia of the Palace on Wheels including the staff butlers and the chef in train uniform, crockery and cutlery et al.

Padao restaurantPic via: http://www.onegirlsadventure.com

A special menu is being designed by the Palace on Wheels team incorporating Indian and continental cuisines but most of it would be what is served on the train to the tourists. The idea is to showcase the POW services and cuisine to the public at no extra cost.

Owing to the summer heat, these services would be available only in the evenings. So get ready to experience the palace on Wheels style dining at Nahargarh- Jaipur.


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