Abhaneri Stepwells: An architectural marvel in Rajasthan!


Abhaneri Stepwell

Indian architecture is the cynosure of the world’s eyes that has always presented a colorful mosaic of styles and beauty. One such exclusive architecture is the step wells of Rajasthan, which has been cited as an exquisite example of unparalleled artistic and architectural beauty.

Rajasthan’s most awe-inspiring baoris (step-wells), Chand Baori at Abhaneri, is a unique creation by the natives for harvesting rainwater, situated at a distance of 95 km from Jaipur, on Jaipur-Agra road.

Abhaneri Stepwells

30 meters deep with 13 floors and 3500 steps, Chand Baori is one of India’s deepest and largest step wells. The huge tank with delicate carvings certainly is delightful to eyes. It is one such astonishing view which can never be seen anywhere and is the finest example of geometrical excellence of the bygone era.

Interestingly, these big tanks were used as the cool places of resort and water reservoir in parched days.

Via : Soul of Rajasthan- The Coffee Table Book


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