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National Parks in Rajasthan closed for Monsoon


With the end of the summer and the onset of Monsoon, it’s time to say good-bye to your frequent trips to jungle across India. All the tiger reserves and National Parks  of India including Ranthambhore National Park and Sariska will be closed from July 1 and will reopen for wildlife tourism from October 01, 2014, which is the annual feature of the parks for the monsoon.

Ranthambhore Gate

As per the  forest officials and experts, it is this time of the year that many animals and thousands of egrets, herons, storks, cormorants, darters, spoonbills and ibises breed and the entry of tourists might pose as a disturbance in their mating and cause problem for them. During these months the wild animals turn aggressive and need complete isolation. These aspects along with other maintenance works of the Forest Department are necessary for closing of parks. Therefore the parks are closed. However, in Sariska, religious tourists to temple at Pandupole will be allowed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Brown Fish Owl at Ranthambhore National Park

Brown Fish Owl at Ranthambhore National Park

Common Kingfisher at Ranthambhore National Park

Common Kingfisher at Ranthambhore National Park

Grand Old Tigress Machali at RAnthambhore National Park

Grand Old Tigress Machali at RAnthambhore National Park

Till then, will miss the chilling cacophony of languor shrieks, sambar calls, chirping of birds and the sight of a fierce tiger enjoying its prey or playing with its cubs.

Lets join hands to wish the denizens of jungle a safe monsoon !!!

PS- All the pictures used in the blog are of Ranthambhore National park captured just before the end of the season.


A Lavish Trip to India’s Most Majestic Wonders with Taj Group


Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

This December, The Taj Group of hotels invites guests on a bespoke journey to live like a royal with the ‘Majesty of India’ package – a privately guided trip designed exclusively for American Express Platinum and Centurion members from December 5 – 12, 2014. Exploring the magical cities of Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaipur will be an immerse journey into the history, sights and experiences of the royal palaces.

The eight-day itinerary begins in the land of Bollywood – Mumbai, with the iconic Taj Mahal Palace to call home. From the bustling vibe of Mumbai, be transported to a city untouched by time – Jodhpur. Breathe in the beauty of one of India’s erstwhile princely states and experience the wonder of the Umaid Bhavan Palace as it catapults you back in time. One of the world’s largest private residences, the palace is a golden-hued desert sandstone monument set amidst acres of verdant gardens. Take a dip in the ethereal indoor pool once meant only for the Maharani, or enjoy an exhilarating drive through the city in a vintage car, accompanied by your royal butler. After a personal consult on spirituality with the Jiva Spa doctor and Buddhist scholar Mr. Shantum Seth, embark on a specially curated tour of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort followed by a private dinner with the Maharaja.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

End this magical journey with an escape to the ‘Land Of Kings’ – Jaipur, where an exquisite experience awaits you at the Rambagh Palace and Jai Mahal Palace. Experience the life of maharajas as you take an elephant ride up to the historic Amer Fort, and spend an enlightening afternoon with acclaimed writer and historian William Dalrymple. Bask in the magic of a breathtaking sunset over cocktails and a grand dinner with Mr. Raymond Bickson, Managing Director of the Taj Group, for interesting insights into the longstanding love affair between Taj and India.

jai mahal palace rambagh palace

With ‘The Majesty of India’ package, guests will delight in a heady mix of modern and traditional India: a complex and vibrant mix of people and cultures, including a wink at Bollywood and visits to local bazaars, legendary restaurants and relaxing spas, with expert historians, curators and guides to provide priceless insights throughout the journey.

Rally of Jaypore 2014


Love Adrenaline Rush! If you are one of those who love adventures of Time, Distance and Speed then this event is for you!

Rally of Jaypore

Scheduled for June 28 and 29, 2014, Thar Motorsports in Rajasthan brings you its second round of the FMSCI Indian National TDS Rally Championship 2014. The Rally will cover adventurous terrains of hills, deserts and some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

The winners will be awarded with Rs. 4 Lacs worth of total prize money.

For more details you can visit the official website of Thar Motorsport.

Jaipur- The most budget friendly city for travelers



Jaipur is one of the most preferred cities in India from the point of tourism globally. Poised in Rajasthan the city was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II on 18 November 1727.

It is globally acclaimed that Jaipur is a land of natural beauty and great history. It has a flourishing tourism industry. Also called pink City, it is the capital of Rajasthan. It is well connected to the other parts of the world, through its vast network of airways, railways and roads.

According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, now it is also proved that Jaipur is the most budget-friendly city for travelers as per #TripIndex results 2014, with a total cost of Rs 7625.32! The index takes into account typical costs for two people to enjoy a pre-meal cocktail, a meal out, taxis, and an overnight stay for two during June-August!

Jaipur Hotels

If you are looking forward to an exciting yet budget friendly holiday any sooner, then consider the beautiful Pink City for a delighting and cherished holiday.

Festivals in Rajasthan

Pic: Google

Pic: Google

Very rarely a week goes by without some kind of festival, celebration or event taking place in Rajasthan. From religious gatherings to festival of elephants, camels and cattle, the calendar of Rajasthan is overflowing with special days, which means you’re spoiled for choices.

There is quite simply no better way to experience the vibrant culture of this fascinating place than attending one of the many festivals. Every festival with pomp and pageantry celebrated all over the state are our favorites, but all these festivals display the most vibrant milange of colors, cheer and fervor in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur where enthusiasm is at its peak and tourists flock these cities specially for the historical values and fabulous experiences they offer!!

The two most important festivals celebrated in the month of June and July are Teej Festival and Jagannath Rath Yatra.

Jagannath Rath Yatra (June 29, 2014) is an extra ordinary chariot festival devoted to Lord Krishna that originated in Jagannath Puri Udaipur holds the distinction of holding the 3rd largest Rath Yatra in India. The city has two Rath Yatras on the same day at different locations. Everyone chants Hare Krishna and dance in ecstasy as Krishna in his most merciful form of Jagannath is pulled along on a huge wooden cart.

Jagannath Ji

Jagannath Ji

Teej Festival (July 30-31, 2014) is celebrated all over the state, but celebrated at its colorful best in Jaipur. The festival is celebrated to welcome the advent of monsoon, also dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva after a penance of a hundred years. The mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati wind s magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur with chariots, elephants and dancers for two days.

teej festival

Rural Rajasthan Tourism


Rural Tourism in Rajasthan

The fast growing popularity of smaller and less explored destinations that allure niche yet sizable amount of tourists from across the borders sans any decorative palaces or historical monuments seems to have caught the eye of Rajasthan Tourism department.

In their urge to develop and promote rural tourism in the state, the tourism department of Rajasthan has selected up three villages Khejdli and Khichan in Jodhpur and Sorsen in Baran as a part of this development project. While Kichan attracts tourists who flock the place to see the Demoiselle Cranes, which come here in winters, Sorsen in addition to birds offer blackbuck sights and Khejdli famous for the human sacrifice to save trees organizes a fair in winters and recently a lot of foreign tourists have shown interest in this small town.

Image via Tree Talks

Image via Tree Talks

Sensing an excellent opportunity, the tourism department of Rajasthan has though of the move to develop these villages in the rural tourism scheme and the government has sanctioned Rs 1.5 crore for the same.

Sources in the department say, “People are interested in places beyond monuments, however, so far sites showcasing monuments, handicrafts, architecture, heritage etc. were being developed. Trend indicates that people are interested to go beyond the regular and they love the rustic aura these places offer.”

Plans have been drawn to and promote eco tourism in these areas which have their own heritage and build the required infrastructure like roads and amenities which in turn will assure that visit to these places is worth the effort.

Magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan


Amer Fort, Jaipur

” Magical and Mystical” – Rajasthan is the state that spells royalty in its way of life. Legendary epics of bravery and romance can still be smelled in its soil. Enticingly known as ‘Land of Kings‘, Rajasthan has multi hued faces from Great Indian Thar Desert in west to Tiger cocoon ‘Sariska’ in the east. Romance and adventure prevail in every nook and corner of Rajasthan, and its diverse culture makes it a cultural rich destination of India. Mammoth forts attract heritage enthusiasts from across the borders. Rajasthan is much known for its historically rich ‘Forts and Palaces

Impressive history of Rajasthan tells about Kings and Queens of Rajasthan and the forts built during their reign narrate some nerve chilling stories of valor and bravery of those Kings and Queens. Though every fort has a unique and exciting story to tell, but their magnificence is worth admiring and being cherished. Regal and luxurious palaces of Rajasthan are marvelous in their own ways. India’s largest Chittorgarh fort speaks of Rajput’s bravery and regalia. Other famous forts are Jaigarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Junagarh Fort. The most recognized forts of Rajasthan which are also honored with the title of UNESCO’s “World Heritage Site” title are Amber, Chittorgarh, Gangron, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh and Ranthambore.




These magnificent forts together reflect the elaborate, fortified seats of power of Rajput princely state Rajasthan that flourished between the 8th and 18th centuries and their relative political independence. So, whenever you are planning to visit Rajasthan, do not miss to pay a visit to magnificent Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan for a truly regal experience.