Jaipur- The most budget friendly city for travelers



Jaipur is one of the most preferred cities in India from the point of tourism globally. Poised in Rajasthan the city was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II on 18 November 1727.

It is globally acclaimed that Jaipur is a land of natural beauty and great history. It has a flourishing tourism industry. Also called pink City, it is the capital of Rajasthan. It is well connected to the other parts of the world, through its vast network of airways, railways and roads.

According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, now it is also proved that Jaipur is the most budget-friendly city for travelers as per #TripIndex results 2014, with a total cost of Rs 7625.32! The index takes into account typical costs for two people to enjoy a pre-meal cocktail, a meal out, taxis, and an overnight stay for two during June-August!

Jaipur Hotels

If you are looking forward to an exciting yet budget friendly holiday any sooner, then consider the beautiful Pink City for a delighting and cherished holiday.


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