Indian Government initiative to boost Rajasthan Tourism


Tourists in Rajasthan will now enjoy an all new improved grandeur and whimsical charm of Rajasthan forts, exotic palaces, vibrant fairs, heritage hotels and the renovated palace on wheel.


Rajasthan Tourism industry in India is getting a boosting makeover as the Government of India has identified and prioritized development of 9 tourism infrastructure projects in Rajasthan for this year.

Together, these projects are worth Rs97.5 crores and among the prioritized projects is the development of Mega Desert Circuit of Rajasthan. This would include the areas of: Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Sambhar, Pali and Mount Abu.


This project alone would be to the tune of Rs 50 crore, while Rs 50 lakh have been sanctioned for organizing fairs and festivals.

tourist in Rajasthan

In the first phase, Rs12.35 crores was received by state government in June. The projects include enhancement of tourist facilities at the 7 way-side hotels of RTDC and renovation / beautification of Palace on Wheels.

So!! Wait no more and give an all new meaning to your holidays in Rajasthan.




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