Teej Procession attracted scores of tourists in the Pink city.


Teej procession

Organized with great verve and vigor, the vibrant procession of Teej on its first day was witnessed by hundreds of tourists, the travel fraternity and a huge local populace.

The procession began from Tripoliya Gate (City Palace), meandering its way through Tripolia Bazar and Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar to wind up at the Ponderik Park near Chaugan Stadium.

Teej procession Teej procession Teej procession Teej procession Teej Festival

There were camels, horses and cultural performances like Kachchi Ghodi, Gair, Kalbaliya and chakri dances entertained the spectators. The procession also  included beautifully decorated cannon carriage, bullock carts, horse carriage and decorated chariots accompanied by a number of performing bands.

The Sawari of Goddess Teej (Mata Parvati) was at the end followed by chobdar and traditionally dressed women with brightly decorated earthen pots on their head.

teej festival Teej Festival teej festival
One of the major tourist attraction in Jaipur-Rajasthan, Teej Festival every year is marked by Hindu women to worship Goddess Parvati for marital bliss, well being of spouse, children and purification of one’s own body and soul.



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