Special train for Baba Ramdev Fair in Rajasthan



train g

In view of the heavy rush of devotees of Baba Ramdev for his annual fair , the Indian railway has started a “Mela Special Train” from Jodhpur to Ramdevra from August 19, 2014.

The first Mela Special Train has chugged on the wheels from Jodhpur at 09.30 am. Below is the list of stations where the Mela Stations will halt.

Rai Ka Bagh : 09.37 am

Mandore : 09.50 am

Marwar Mathania : 10.08 am

Tinwari : 10.19 am

Osian : 10.39 am

Faloudi : 11.45 am

Ramdevra : 01.00 pm

On return from Ramdevra to Jodhpur, the Mela Specia train will begin its journey from Ramdevra at 02.00 pm and halt at following stations:-

Faloudi : 02.38 pm

Osian : 03.27 pm

Tinwari : 03.55 pm

Marwar Mathania : 04.07 pm

Mandore : 04.28 pm

Rai ka Bagh : 04.40 pm

Jodhpur : 05.30 pm




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