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Increased Elephant Rides to Amer Fort Jaipur



There is something enchanting and delighting about elephant rides in Rajasthan that transform you into a regal era of Maharajas when they used to commute with pride on these adorned elephant backs.  Have you ever wondered how overwhelming riding on a huge elephant back is? It really makes us feel like a king of some dynasty or a Royal!!

The Elephant Safari at Amer Fort Jaipur offers this fabulous experience to the tourists in Jaipur. And now there is good news too…

With the increased influx of tourists in Jaipur the elephant rides at Amer fort will be increased to 5 rounds from  October 05, 2014 and the rides will take place between 7.00 am to 11.30 am and 3.30 pm to 5 pm in the evening.

Now, enjoy the elephant rides up to the Amer Fort for as much time you want!!

Camel Polo; the new attraction of Rajasthan Tourism


camel polo

Camels fascinate tourists from across the borders with their movements, desert charm and grace. People from all over the world visit India to attend the Festival where camel owners flock to show-off their camels and off course the exuberance of Thar Desert.

Rajasthan tourism brings an exciting surprise for the tourists in Rajasthan, especially for those traveler who want to experience the escapades of “off the beaten track” among the multicolored desert people of Rajasthan.

Tourists visiting the desert state of Rajasthan can soon enjoy Camel Polo with the state government contemplating to introduce the entertaining activity in sand dunes.

Camel has been accorded the status of State Animal recently and now the government wants to further promote camel as one of the most important features of tourism in the state which is more popular as a destination of forts and palaces.

So next time you visit Rajasthan, do ask your travel operator to also take you to spectator the exciting game of camel polo in Rajasthan.


Theatre Extravaganzas in Jaipur



This is a good weekend for theatre lovers in the city. Jaipur will host various theatre actors and directors, including Anjan Srivastava, Rakesh Jugal Kishore, Samik Bandopadhyaya and artistes from UP, Kerala and Maharashtra, as part of the Indian People’s Theatre Association’s annual meeting.

Jaipur-based People’s Media Theatre and Rajasthan Forum will also present a drama extravaganza, Katharang 7. To be held today and tomorrow, it will include Hindi and English plays. On day one, Harishankar Parsai’s Bechara Common Man and Apraadh, written by Udai Prakash, will be staged. On day two, The Wedding Story by Juliaane Homokay, Pag Ri Jooti by Vijaydan Detha and Sadhachar Ka Tabeez by Harishankar Parsai will be staged for theatre aficionados. City-based group, The Amateurs, too, will showcase their acting skills with the play Aakhri Mauka on Sunday.
The two-day event, scheduled to be held today and tomorrow, will touch upon various aspects of theatre.

Important Rajasthan Monuments to visit on World Tourism Day



The department of tourism has lined up a series of events on the occasion of the World Tourism Day (WTD) on September 27. This year, the day is being celebrated under the theme ‘Tourism and Community Development – Focusing on the Ability of Tourism to Empower People and Provide Them with Skills to Achieve Change in Their Local Communities’.

In the state, the celebrations will begin with the revival of the popular programme ‘Music in the Park’. Classical singer Parveen Sultana will perform at the Central Park on Saturday from 7 pm. This event is being organized by DoT in association with the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). Entry to the programme is free. Besides, musical performances, heritage walks and along with a free entry to the monuments in the state under the department of archaeology and museums will mark the day.

Here’s the list of 7+ popular monuments you can visit for free on account of  World Tourism day in Rajasthan.

City Palace, Jaipur: An amalgamation of traditional Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, City Palace complex has several palatial structures.


City Palace, Udaipur: Originally started by Udai Singh, additions have been made to this building in such an ingenious manner that it is difficult to imagine that the building was not conceived as a whole.

City Palace and Museum Udaipur

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur: Tha landmark building of Jaipur is a multi-layered palace with a beehive structure built by Sawai Pratap Singh (grand son of Sawai Jai Singh and son of Sawai Madhoo Singh) in 1799.

Hawa Mahal

Vijay Stambh, Chittorgarh: Translated as the Victory Tower, it is a nine-storeyed 37 metres high structure with sculptures of a secular nature to ornate the exteriors.

vijay stambh

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur: Jantar Mantar of Jaipur, the ‘Yantralaya’ of Sawai Jai Singh II built on his designs, is the largest of five astronomical observatories founded by him in 1716.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

Amber Fort Jaipur: Known for its artistic style of Hindu elements, Amer Fort is the principal tourist attractions in the Jaipur area, located high on Aravalli hillock. . With its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks the Maota Lake, at its forefront.

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Museums Museums can be a great way of peeking into the history of a place and culture as each artifact has some interesting tale. The museums in Rajasthan can get you a clear understanding of the rich and diverse culture, traditions, arts, history, crafts and other notable features of the state. The major Museums of Rajasthan are:

  1. Alber Hall Museum Jaipur
  2. SMS City palace Museum Jaipur
  3. Udaipur Museum
  4. Government Museum Jodhpur
  5. Junagarh Fort Museum Bikaner
  6. Mehrangarh fort Museum Jodhpur
  7. Rao Jodha Museum Kota

Pictures from Abhaneri Festival 2014


The first day of Abhaner Festival on September 26 and 27, 2014 at Chand Baori and Harshad Mata Temple near dausa district of Rajasthan was full of fanfare, music and colorful performances. Rajasthan Tourism Buzz brings you this photo blog on the cultural events, dance and activities took place on the first day of celebration during Abhaneri Festival.

Abhaneri -A marvelous piece of architecture which gives a sense of magical touch and adds to the beauty of Rajasthan.

Tourists and visitors watching Abhaneri Stepwells from the top.

Tourists and visitors watching Abhaneri Stepwells from the top.

Dancers performing kachchi Ghodhi dance, and the foreign guests joined in.

Dancers performing kachchi Ghodhi dance, and the foreign guests joined in.

Dancers performing kachchi Ghodhi dance, and the foreign guests joined in.

Dancers performing kachchi Ghodhi dance, and the foreign guests joined in.

The popular Raas leela of Radha Krishna was beautifully portrayed in the form of dance by the local artists of Rajasthan during the Festival.

The popular Raas leela of Radha Krishna was beautifully portrayed in the form of dance by the local artists of Rajasthan during the Festival.

The world renowned kalbelia dance form couldn't stop tourists from tapping their feet with the performers. A  memorable moment captured during the Abhaneri Festival.

The world renowned kalbelia dance form couldn’t stop tourists from tapping their feet with the performers. A memorable moment captured during the Abhaneri Festival.

Flower decoration and Rangoli are the special attractions for the tourists at Abhaneri Festival.

Flower decoration and Rangoli are the special attractions for the tourists at Abhaneri Festival.

Today, on the second day of Abhaneri Festival, more exciting performances are lined up to attract and entertain the local and foreign spectators. Performances like Terah Tali, Bhavai and Chakri dance are few to name. Keep following for more exciting updates and images from Rajasthan!!

Abhaneri Festival on World Tourism Day in Rajasthan



With the multitude of colors and vivid shades of its rich culture, Rajasthan once again gears up for annual cultural, social fairs and festivals. Beginning with the vibrant Abhaneri Festival at the popular Chand Baori known for its stepwells, Rajasthan is soon going to bathe in the beauty of music, dances and cultural events.

Nukkad Artist 4


Abhaneri (Around 94 km from Jaipur on Agra Road) will host a two-day (on September 26 and 27) ‘Abhaneri Festival’ beginning from today at ‘Chand Baori’ and Harshat Mata temple from 10 am to 5 pm. Conceived and celebrated since 2008 by the tourism department, the festival has gained popularity and a large number of foreign and domestic tourists visit Abhaneri during the festival and throughout the year. Marking the theme of World Tourism Day on September 27  this year, there will be a camel cart village safari along with Rajasthani folk performances like ‘Kachhi Ghori’, ‘Kalbeliya’ and Algoza. There will also be a performance of shehnai and a puppet show. The ‘Bahrupiya’ will add humor to the event.

594_448618278506731_791567880_n kachchi ghodi chakri dance3 chakri Dance 2 Nukkad Artist 2

Be a part of the celebrations at Abhaneri and drink in the rustic charm of traditional Rajasthan with Abhaneri Festival.

Images: Rajasthan Tourism Buzz (Abhaneri Festival 2013)

Nine Days of Navratri Celebration in Rajasthan


Navratri Festival

Navratri! The festival of gaiety, dance, music and fun for all nine days and nights is one of the most sought after festivals in India and specially Rajasthan!

Devoted to Goddess Shakti, the Navratri festival in Rajasthan is celebrated with much fanfare and fervor. The most important factor of the nine nights’ festivities is the folk dance of Gujarat called Garba. It is said that each day Goddess Durga manifests herself in different forms.


Each day of the fiesta begins with Aarti. People from across the country specially visit Rajasthan to celebrate the festival and get energized by the celebrations of Navratri festival for nine days starting from September 25 to October 03, 2014. Devotees from far flung areas also come down to Rajasthan to pay visits to Goddess Durga temples in different cities of the state.

navratri Celebration

People adorned with colorful and traditional costumes perform the Garba folk dance around the statue of Goddess Shakti till late midnight. The dancers usually make use of dandiya, i.e. long wooden sticks, to play garba. During the nine day long festivity, clubs and gathering places are enthused with decoration, colorful lights, tempting food stalls and interesting games.

Navratri Celebration

You would also get to see passion, devotion and enthusiasm of the people with which they indulge in the festive activities of the Navratri season. Devotees from different regions celebrate the festival in different ways, according to their rituals but the devotion behind Navratri celebrations are same.

Jaipur By Night- Cultural and Social event in Jaipur


Night Tourism

Jaipur by Night cultural and social event has been a great success since two years in the Pink City of Rajasthan. This year once again it comes with more extravaganzas and entertainment in Jaipur.

Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur City Palace

The third edition of ‘Jaipur by Nite’ event would be held at two different venues i.e. City Palace Jaipur on September 26 and Jaigarh Fort on September 27. The two-day night extravaganza promises entertainment through various art forms and traditions with live music, dance, Corporate Social Responsibility events, ethnic shopping and sumptuous food.

Jaipur - Jaigarh Fort

A “Talk Show with the Royalty of Rajasthan” has also been scheduled for which His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Jodhpur; Maharaja Arvind Singh Ji Mewar and Maharani Rohini Kumari, Karauli Maharani will be sharing their royal experiences. The show will be hosted by actor Kabir Bedi.

kabir Bedi

With the Brand Ambassador like Princess Diya Kumari event “Jaipur By Night” will also feature Rajasthan’s art, culture, crafts, heritage, village tourism, painting exhibition, etc. Ambassadors of Italy, Turkey, Peru, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Nigeria and Republic of Gabon are also expected to attend the event.

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25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite


25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite

Jaipur Beat

Jaipur, also known as Pink city, is a city of culture, festivals, shopping, food, heritage etc etc. You might be living in Jaipur for years now, and there is a new place which comes up every day in this evolving world, but there are still some things which make you a die-hard Jaipurite and no matter what changes, these things might not change 😉

1. Picnic means Nahargarh


2. Every guest should be taken once to Chokhi Dhani


3. You have watched hundreds of movies with your family at Raj Mandir with a pyaaz ki kachori in interval

raj mandir

4. You park your vehicle outside a mall despite having an official parking area inside


5. You have negotiated and renegotiated on Link road

link road1

6. You have spent hours at Crossword without buying a single book


7. You have enjoyed your coffee at Statue Circle at night while your car is parked in…

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Rajasthan Film Festival in Jaipur



The Pink City is slowly becoming a grand cinema hub, and the various film festivals are transforming the state of Rajasthan into a film archive.

For all the movie buffs in Jaipur, the second edition of Rajasthan Film Festival (RFF-2014) is coming to Deep Smriti Auditorium Jaipur on September 19th and 20th, 2014. Famous model and actor Karanvir Bohra, singer Mohd. Irfaan and film directors Vicky Ranawat and Sandeep Vaishnav are expected to attend the event.

The Rajasthan Film Festival aims to provide recognition to the immense pool of talent in Rajasthan Film Industry and bring everyone together under a single umbrella by providing platform of Rajasthan Film Festival.

For more details you can visit