Pink City International Short-Film Festival in Jaipur


film festival

Jaipur International Film Festival this year brings Pink City International Short-Film Festival for the patrons of Jaipur city. Internationally acclaimed film makers from across the world are participating in the 15-day festival began today.

The screening of all the films to be shown would be conducted in universities and colleges of Jaipur.

The Jaipur International Film Festival is a fast growing film festival, held annually in the pink city of Jaipur. Launched in January 2009, Jaipur International Film Festival – JIFF is gradually establishing itself in the landscape of world film festivals not only in India but the world over.

Though Film festivals have became a regular affair in most countries yet most of them cater only to selected audience as well as entertain the commercially successful film makers and related personalities. However, JIFF intends to organize a festival that connects the film fans & movies goers with the film world, especially the serious filmmaker & their associates so as to bring about greater understanding of the art of film making.


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